A photo of Anelle and Ted in front of a large white palace with golden domes.
Anelle and her husband Ted, who received a master’s in painting in 1957, have traveled the world to see art. Pictured here at the Kremlin in 2000.

An art-enriched life

I was a 16-year-old freshman when I had the privilege of taking art history classes from both Worth Ryder and Walter Horn. I had come from a family entirely uneducated about any art history. Hearing their wonderful ideas about subjects they so obviously had loved their entire lives was a real marvel to me. It probably was Dr. Ryder’s last year of teaching, but his enthusiasm was like a child’s wonder at new marvels, as he spoke of things he loved. His advice on how to study for the final was to first look at his posted exhibits, then go out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. I took their enthusiasms as my own, and that has enriched my life immeasurably.

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