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Students are more than their majors

From efforts that get undergraduates here to services that boost their success once they arrive, Berkeley will be a beacon of hope and opportunity.

Undergraduate Opportunity and Experience: Brightening the Brightest

As a public university, Berkeley is committed to advancing access at large scale and building a student body diverse in background and perspective — like California itself. Undergraduate scholarships are crucial to keeping Berkeley accessible and affordable to the broadest spectrum of the brightest students. Scholarships also free up recipients to concentrate on coursework, research, or internships — and to graduate on time with less debt. Please consider supporting those with financial need, fulfilling Berkeley’s promise to be a place where all students thrive, from admission to graduation.

Scholarships are only one piece of the puzzle. We pledge to make Berkeley as well known for the quality of the student experience as it is for academic excellence. That means ensuring every student’s basic needs are met, including housing, food, and financial security. It means creating a hub for undergraduate discovery where students can connect with emerging technologies and one another to think, learn, and innovate. It means pairing all new students with graduate student mentors and peers to build a greater sense of belonging and intellectual community, and giving every student throughout their journey the chance to engage in research, creative expression, entrepreneurial endeavors, service projects, and other opportunities. Your generosity will help Berkeley create an environment in which equity of experience is on par with personal evolution and students are ready to make a difference in the world.

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