Photo of Chancellor Christ giving students in the stands at a ball game a high five.

Chancellor Carol Christ, chair of the National Campaign Steering Committee, greets the student section at a game.

Campaign Co-Chairs

Campaign leadership provides philanthropic support, inspires others to give, offers critical advice, and more. We are grateful to those volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to helping Berkeley’s enduring light shine brightly.

Chamberlin, Susan.jpg

Susan C. Chamberlin M.B.A. ’87

Co-Founder and Trustee, Chamberlin Family Foundation

“As a graduate student at Berkeley, my horizons broadened and led me to a second career. As a trustee, I am more deeply connected to the outstanding faculty and to the breadth and depth of opportunities available to students. I believe in education as a civil right and am proud of the steadily increasing enrollment of first-generation students. Being a trustee has also made me aware of the challenges that students, faculty, staff, and administrators face. It is a privilege to co-chair this campaign, and to inspire others to help us meet these challenges.”

Giancarlo, Charles H.2.jpg

Charles H. Giancarlo ’80

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Pure Storage

“The incredible quality of education I received inspired my love for Berkeley. I wanted to be involved in this campaign to maintain Cal’s ranking as the top public university in the world and to enable Cal to better prepare our students and support our researchers.”


Charles Huang ’93

Chief Executive Officer, Indigo 7

“Cal offers the greatest number of immigrant kids like me and working-class families a chance to reach the highest rungs of American society … College education needs to be high quality, affordable, accessible, and at scale in order for California and the United States to prosper equitably. I think Cal is the best university model for this. We need to light the path!”

Rausser, Gordon.jpg

Gordon C. Rausser P ’88, ’90

Robert Gordon Sproul Distinguished Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

“The citizens of California have never created an institution that has had a greater impact on our past or, for that matter, on shaping our future. Since its inception in 1868, Berkeley has continued in subtle and often overlooked ways to pour fresh knowledge, human capital, and innovation into the engines of our society. It demands excellence and has little patience for mediocrity. It heralds the latest and newest but never allows itself to be consumed by the intellectual fads of the day. Cal thinks both before and beyond its time. With Light the Way, Berkeley can shape public higher education to be more equitable and inclusive and expand this impact throughout the United States and beyond.”