Photo of a golden-brown wooden spiral staircase, looking down to a single chair at the bottom

Inspired buildings inspire discovery

Investing in architecture — whether restoring older structures or starting from the ground up — is an investment in Berkeley’s future.

Places of Possibility: Lighting the Future

While location and reputation are key to helping students and faculty decide if Berkeley is the place for them, we cannot underestimate the significance of the buildings where they live, work, and learn. More than offering much-needed classroom and laboratory space, first-rate facilities seed new ideas, new collaborations, new disciplines, and new breakthroughs. They are essential to competing for top students and faculty and providing the engaging environments our community expects and deserves. Your support of new facilities could help Berkeley create on- and off-campus housing, an incubator for biotech, a new chemistry building, more equitable facilities for our women student-athletes, and the Gateway: a visionary space that fuses the power of computing and the potential of data science with disciplines across campus to solve some of humanity’s most urgent and complex challenges.

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