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Inspired buildings inspire discovery

Investing in architecture — whether restoring older structures or starting from the ground up — is an investment in Berkeley’s future.

Places of Possibility: Lighting the Future

While location and reputation are key to helping students and faculty decide if Berkeley is the place for them, we cannot underestimate the significance of the buildings where they live, work, and learn. More than offering much-needed classroom and laboratory space, first-rate facilities seed new ideas, new collaborations, new disciplines, and new breakthroughs. They are essential to competing for top students and faculty and providing the engaging environments our community expects and deserves. Your support of new facilities could help Berkeley develop on- and off-campus housing, an incubator for biotech, a new chemistry building, more equitable facilities for our women student-athletes, and a new data science teaching and research facility for which visioning is underway.

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  • With a $106 million gift from the Weill Family Foundation, Berkeley, UCSF, and the University of Washington have launched the Weill Neurohub, an innovative research network to speed the development of new therapies for diseases and disorders that affect the brain and nervous system.

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  • To strengthen democracy around the world, organizations and activists constantly make strategic choices about how best to inform, engage, and amplify the voices of ordinary people and mobilize collective action. Research often is not available to serve the needs of these actors.

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  • In early 2019, Connie & Kevin Chou Hall became the country’s greenest academic building, having earned TRUE Zero Waste certification at the highest possible level along with a LEED Platinum certification for its energy efficient design and operation. It is the first academic building to have earned both certifications.

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