Other Ways to Get Involved

There are many opportunities to get involved with this historic fundraising effort however you can! More than ever before, your participation is essential to supporting the core elements that define Berkeley’s excellence.

Sproul plaza with a group of students bathed in sunlight

Sproul Plaza, the heart of student life and connection. Photo by Keegan Houser

  • Attend remote events and — when they are possible again — in-person events on campus or in your region. Events include campaign launches, Discover Cal, or Reunion and Parents Weekend at Homecoming.
  • Engage your network in a conversation about supporting Berkeley. Check out the resources available at campaignidentity.berkeley.edu or email campaign@berkeley.edu if you need support on how to do that.
  • Contact your favorite Berkeley department to ask if it has an advisory board or committee dedicated to advancing its goals. You may also get involved with the Cal Alumni Association (CAA), which has a variety of volunteer opportunities, including selecting scholarship recipients, networking with current students, advocacy, and regional chapters.