Nine things I love about Cal

  1. An ethnic studies class that taught me no prejudice/discrimination, no sexism/racism/classism, etc. Early diversity and inclusion education was very important to helping us students shape our thinking, attitude, and behavior in respecting differences.
  2. A social psychology class by Dr. Christina Maslach, one of the best professors alongside Professor Gerald Mendelsohn. Her comment on my paper that I was one of the best in class helped build my confidence in writing, and her reference letter helped me get accepted into grad school. Grateful.
  3. An excellent psychology department with top professors.
  4. A good advisor who sent me to the Career Center to take a test to find the right career choices. It was hard to choose at age 16 to 20.
  5. An excellent English teacher, Sabrina, who gave encouragement, positive feedback, and helped many foreign students pass a tough course.
  6. A good Asian American studies course that made fulfilling the English writing requirement more interesting and encouraged critical, independent thinking.
  7. A good advisor who helped double majors in social welfare and psychology gain employment.
  8. Part-time work and internship at the Child Study Center — an excellent learning experience with good supervisors.
  9. An interesting cultural anthropology class.

There are so many other things I appreciate about Cal.

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