Nature does not need people; people need nature

The UC Berkeley Institute for Parks, People, and Biodiversity aims to bring an interdisciplinary approach to the research, management and protection of our national, state and local parks and public lands. Recognizing that parks and public lands play an increasingly important role in climate adaptation, public health, education, jobs, and environmental justice, the Institute will serve as convener, research coordinator and bridge between field managers and the academic community.

The Institute is devoted to the investigation, dissemination, and application of science to the critical issues facing national, state, and local parks, and equivalent protected areas. The Institute fosters cross-disciplinary research, applied science, policy, and field management, and also strives to help prepare the next generation of conservation leaders in academia and in the field.

Photo of Jarvis with Tibetan community rangers by Rudy D'Alessandro, National Park Service

Over two weeks, with funding from the Paulson Institute, Institute Executive Director Jon Jarvis led an interdisciplinary team to China to evaluate their efforts to establish a National Park system. Photo of Jarvis with Tibetan community rangers by Rudy D’Alessandro, National Park Service.

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