Coronavirus and Cal: Support students and research affected by COVID-19

Photo of three smiling students sitting on the steps.

Since classes have moved online, support for students is more critical than ever.

Berkeley alumni, parents, and friends have asked how they can help during the COVID-19 pandemic. Support student and research needs to make a difference today.

Student Emergency Fund

Give any amount to the Student Emergency Fund today. Used to support students following a community emergency or natural disaster, this fund is currently focused on students impacted by COVID-19. The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office allocates donations to help with such critical necessities as:

  • Relocating students
  • Housing expenses
  • Food
  • Essential items like household goods, clothing, and books
  • Technology solutions for remote learning
The Innovative Genomics Institute COVID-19 Fund

As the COVID-19 pandemic worsens in the United States, there remains a critical lack of testing capability. We must test more people, or we cannot track and contain the virus. The Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI) is using our considerable scientific resources to expand testing capacity and turn-around time. Contributions of any size get us closer to accomplishing our important goals.

The IGI is a Bay Area research partnership founded by Jennifer Doudna, co-developer of CRISPR, to use science for the public good. We are now working around the clock to set up a clinical COVID-19 testing lab at the IGI that will analyze patient samples collected by clinical partners. An effort of this nature is extremely challenging and requires staff at multiple institutions, new equipment, new reagents and extensive administrative support. 

Looking ahead, we are developing point-of-care diagnostic tests and launching strategic research projects to understand the virus and combat it with new therapeutics.

Thank you for your support!

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