Confidence and love for life

I met my husband, James, of 28 years at a dance during my sophomore year and married him a month after my graduation. I knew he was the one when he stayed with my family over Thanksgiving break. I gained self confidence as a young woman at Cal, in large part due to the supportive environment created by my professors and classmates. During my junior year, a professor told me that I was a great writer. I started to believe in my writing abilities from that point forward and decided to follow my passion for law and persuasive writing. I became a lawyer at a San Francisco based law firm at 26 and later became the general counsel for an advertising firm. 

Cal led to many good decisions in my life, including choosing a caring and loving partner. James, a fellow grad, supported all of my career and family goals. I am lucky to be a ‘92 Cal grad. Go Bears!

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