Berkeley Student Farms grows more than food

Founded in 2020, Berkeley Student Farms (BSF) is a coalition of student-run gardens dedicated to giving student-farmers ownership over the foods they grow, reconnecting to the land’s indigenous heritage, and empowering leadership, collaboration, and onsite learning. Over 50 percent of its produce is given to the UC Berkeley Food Pantry, which offers emergency food relief to students and other members of the Cal community. Hear from student leaders Moe Sumino ’23, Diego Morales ’22, and Ameia Smith ’24 on what the gardens grow, from organic vegetables to new friendships to a deeper sense of purpose.

Support BSF through the Berkeley Food Institute, or learn more about the coalition.

Thanks to the Oxford Tract staff and the Berkeley Agroecology Lab for collaborating with Berkeley Student Farms to utilize the tract, a field research and learning facility of the Rausser College of Natural Resources.

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